Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Someone who knows - loves me

I came back to my office from lunch yesterday and my phone was ringing. I answered and it was the flower desk telling me they had flowers for me. They asked if I wanted to come pick them up or have someone bring them to me. I immediately said I would be right there. There was no need in me waiting for who knows how long for them to bring them to me when I could just walk right down the stairs and across the sidewalk and get them myself. Who was sending me flowers? I couldn't wait to find out! I love flowers!!!!!!!!! Every color, every kind, every shape. I especially love to "get" flowers, whether someone is handing them to me or having them delivered. Someone knows this. Someone knows that I won't be here on my birthday Sunday. Someone knows exactly where I work, building room. Someone wrote on the card. It says Happy Birthday - 50 - it only hurts for a little while. On the back - it says from someone who knows. Do you know who someone is?

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