Friday, July 25, 2008

Check it out!!!!!!!!

I've mentioned before that I read a lot of blogs. I don't comment a lot but I read a LOT of blogs. One of my favorites is HobbyMommy. I have found her through Crazy Mom Quilts several months ago.
HobbyMommy just had her 100th post blogiversary and a giveaway. When I said I don't comment a lot, I meant it. I love reading what people have to say and I love looking at the beautiful things being created. When someone has a birthday or an anniversary I usually say congrats but other than that, I just read. I commented and I won. I had completely forgotten that she was having a giveaway. I came back from lunch and saw there were some new post and there it was in black and white - my name. I won!!!!!!!! That's right I won!!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!
Go tell her happy anniversary and check out what nice stuff she makes.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I came across this site a few minutes ago and had to share they beauty I saw there.

It's getting close

and I am getting really excited. My new grandbaby is coming soon and I will be heading out to Colorado to hold it and find out what it is. This one is my baby's 1st baby and I am way too far away right now.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anyone see a problem with this?

I am using 3' squares to make the 1 1/4" hexagon. These papers are reusable. When I have been looking online and reading about them, people show basting through the paper and being careful not to tear the papers.
My basting doesn't go through the papers at all. In fact I have been very careful not to go through the papers. Now I am wondering if I am doing it all wrong.
I do see that my stitches are visable (thanks a lot Aunt Jo) now I am paranoid about that. I was using light grey thread on these in the beginning because they told me at the quilt shop when in doubt to use grey. I really don't want to get all goofy about this but I don't want to learn it "wrong".
Anyone have any suggestions on this?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Toaster Oven

I think I want to buy a toaster oven. There are things I want to cook at home but there is NO way I will turn on my oven betwenn May and November. My house holds heat like nothing you've ever seen.

Does anyone have one? If you do, what kinds of things do you make in it?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's the little things that make me happy

Have I told you lately that I have a great fondness for the elderly? I always have loved being around older people and watching them.

While I was having lunch with a friend today, a little lady came in and sat down at the table closest to ours. In a few minutes, a little man came in to join her. It was pouring rain so I am guessing that he let her out and then parked the car. He had a cane and a hat (with raindrops on it). He was walking real slow and he was so bent over he looked to be about half as tall as he used to be. It was so sweet to watch them. When it came time to get our check I told the waiter I would like to pay for their meal also. He looked at me a bit like I was crazy and then brought me their check too. He said he would wait until I was ready to leave to tell them. I asked him not to tell them until they were ready to leave and after I was gone. I learned my lesson last time I did that and made the little lady cry and then I cried and then my friend cried.

If you've never done something like that before, give it a try some time if you feel like you can spare a few dollars. It is amazing how such a small gesture can make so many people feel good.

Monday, July 7, 2008

The flowers, they are growing :)

I have been spending every sitting still moment putting these little things together.

I followed the great tutorial from Sunshine Creations and it just couldn't be easier!

I used my entire package of templates (which was supposed to have 75 i nit but there were only 72) to make the hexagons and then just started piecing them together. Of course I am already second guessing my choices but I am sticking with them.

I have put together 4 of this size and gone another round on 2 of them.

I am going to use green to tie them together (after I buy it). Not all of the fabrics I am using have purple in them so I don't know if I want to mix the centers or just keep on using purple. Any suggestions?

Have I mentioned to anyone that I love this method?

I just ordered several different shapes and sizes of the paper pieces so I can play more!! The quilt shop only had a few and when I started to buy both packages of the size I needed the lady acted like I shouldn't be greedy. I'm out, I need more so I ordered directly from the company. Plus, they are on sale and have a lot of different shapes that the store didn't have AND I don't have to drive back to the shop which is no where near any place I need to be.

I have been so frustrated at having all of these pretty fabrics and no time to do anything with them and now as I have been looking at so many different patterns that use this method, it almost makes me giddy to think about what I can accomplish.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday.

I am here working on my hexagons and having a blast. I think this is possibly the most enjoyable thing I have tried ever and I can't believe it only took me 50 years to try it.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Here we go starting something new again

I finally found the little paper pieces to do the Grandmother's Flower Garden. I know I could have traced and cut from the patterns I've seen but I also knew some kind person had a company that would do that for me. After looking all over town for them, I called my quilt shop. The one where I took my class. I told the lady what I was looking for and she told me they didn't have anything like that. I stopped by the quilt shop by my house yesterday and told the lady there what I was looking for and she told me they didn't have them. I asked if she knew where I might find them because I was striking out. She told me the name of "my" quilt shop. When I told her I had checked with them already and the lady told me she didn't have them she laughed. She told me she buys them there all the time. OK.

I came in to work, thought about it a minute and called my quilt shop. Yes, she knew exactly what I wanted and they sure do have them she uses them all the time.

Guess where I went between jobs today? My new toys are spread out here all over my desk waiting on me to get started on making something pretty.

Wish me luck!