Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm on a roll

Or I have lost my marbles. I'm not sure which.
Back in the day when my kids were little, Quik Trip had squarts. For their 50th anniversary, they sold them again. I bought 2 thinking this would help me get the water I am trying to drink in. I like that they have a lid and a straw and they are reusable. I admit it, I am addicted to QT tea but not all of the plastic cups that I really don't like to keep and have to throw away them away daily was making me feel guilty. I have given up the water bottle habit and gone to the filtered water pitcher. The first day, I remembered what I didn't like about squarts. They sweat. They sweat A LOT. I also remembered that I didn't like it back then either and made myself a squart koozie like I had done before.
I walked into my brand new QT close to my house and the young guy working there commented that he liked what I did with the squart. He said he would pay me to make him one. I told him it wasn't necessary and asked what color he would like. The one I had looked like rainbow sherbet and kind of frilly.
His eyes lit up and he said blue and black so I went to get the colors he requested and made it a little more manly. When I took it in to him, he was busy so I just dropped it off and went about getting my tea. The next thing I know, he is talking loudly about how cool it is and telling someone to make sure I don't leave. He brings a girl who works there to me and says "This is her, this is the lady I told you about." Then he tells me that she wants one too and hands me some money and says to not even think about not taking it. He keeps saying "This is so cool, I hate the way the cups sweat." I asked the girl what color she want and she tells me blue and green. Here I go back to my least favorite place to get some more thread. She loved hers too.

I had actually started making one to fit the QT cups for a girl at work who is also addicted to the tea and carries it around with her from office to office leaving little puddles everywhere she goes.

My daughter B liked it and I gave her the sherbet colored one I had made first since she needed a squart too. Then there needed to be one for grandson C I used the blue and black and made a different design for his. Next came a call from my son in law J asking for an orange one.

My niece saw those and wanted a pink one then her 3 year old said he needed blue.

Someone at the night job saw me working on them and asked for a green one.
Then Saturday, I had 4 other people ask for one.

The girls at my day job wanted one so I've made 3 there. I've created a monster.

I still don't have one for myself. I just "test" the one I just made each time.
I have to admit, it is fun to be able to crank something out in a short amount of time and for little money and be useful.

I thought about selling them on etsy but I see that there are already a few people doing that so I will just keep on doing what I do and if someone wants to pay me for them, I will let them and if they don't I'll just give it to them.


Nancy said...

Those are so cute! I, of course love the pink and white one. Are they like the ones we used to make? I am still making those knitted ones between other projects. Tom thought I should just "crank" them out and sell them. But that doesn't really sound like fun to me. That was his word not mine.

Danetta said...

Since I can't reply to you because you won't set up your own blog...

Thanks, yes they are the same kind we used to make. I am just kind of making up different patterns as I go so they won't all be the same. I feel like I am cranking them out. But it is something that I have found to be easy to do here in the evenings without putting too much thought into it if I get distracted and have to stop for a few minutes.

I really don't want to sell them though. That puts too much pressure one me.

Nancy said...

I do have email though. You can always get me that way. Have you made any baby things? I am making both pink and blue since we don't know yet. Will I ever get my own? We'll see.
Hope you are having a great week!

Nancy said...

Also I just read on another blog about the "Quilt Show"
Friday and Saturday at the Fair grounds. Are you going? She said it was in one of the new buildings Central Park. Are you ready to enter something? If not maybe soon.

Danetta said...

Nope, not making any baby things and won't be going to the quilt show. I will be sitting here in this chair reading about them. I'm no where near ready to even finish a quilt yet.

You will get some of these little ones. One of these days your boys will give you a smile.