Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall Apron Thank You and other things

I finally got to the post office after the nice vacations I've had recently. I got to do the happy dance again when I opened the package from Kathie P. from the Fall Apron Swap. I got the nicest fall apron with material that has fall colors and leaves and nuts and stuff and she used my favorite color (yellow) to make the pockets and the neck and binding. The pot holders are so cool! I've never seen any like this but I really like them, you put your fingers in one end and your thumb in the other and then it kind of squishes together to hold the hot item. There was also a nice surprise of some fall cookie cutters! There is an acorn, an apple, and a pumpkin. Thank you Kathie, I really do love it!!!!
The apron I sent was from Aunt Bee's Kitchen on etsy.

I have been reading a lot about jelly rolls lately so I ventured out to the quilt shop downtown between jobs today and checked them out. The nice lady there showed me all kinds of books and quilts in the shop made from jelly rolls. I think they might be my new friend.

I had a great time in Colorado. I always love going there but this time was just very nice. I got to spend time with with my girls and their guys and their babies. I got to babysit with a squishy soft little baby Adeline and a big handsome Max. We read books and told stories and sang songs. Well, I did all of those things. They just listened, but it was a great time. Ang and I had some good time together. I went shopping. I don't shop. I hate to shop. But I wanted to shop and I have so many new things to wear now. I think Deana was a little surprised that I said I wanted to shop. I hear that she thinks it is worse than shopping with someone else but she didn't complain one time, at least not to me. She just kept handing me things and telling me that I was buying them. I came away with some great bargains and a box of things to check at the airport. The weather was amazingly beautiful. I sat out on the deck and had breakfast. We drove up to Mt. Evans and it was so pretty. I got altitude goofy a bit. I forget about those things.

I actually sat down at the sewing machine for a little while on Sunday. I haven't done that in MONTHS. I hope it isn't months before I do it again. I was just testing out a little project.

That pretty much catches you up with my little spot in the world.


Kathie P said...

I'm glad to read that you received your apron and you love it.

Quilt Nut said...

jelly rolls are fantastic and make up a quilt so quickly