Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Here we go starting something new again

I finally found the little paper pieces to do the Grandmother's Flower Garden. I know I could have traced and cut from the patterns I've seen but I also knew some kind person had a company that would do that for me. After looking all over town for them, I called my quilt shop. The one where I took my class. I told the lady what I was looking for and she told me they didn't have anything like that. I stopped by the quilt shop by my house yesterday and told the lady there what I was looking for and she told me they didn't have them. I asked if she knew where I might find them because I was striking out. She told me the name of "my" quilt shop. When I told her I had checked with them already and the lady told me she didn't have them she laughed. She told me she buys them there all the time. OK.

I came in to work, thought about it a minute and called my quilt shop. Yes, she knew exactly what I wanted and they sure do have them she uses them all the time.

Guess where I went between jobs today? My new toys are spread out here all over my desk waiting on me to get started on making something pretty.

Wish me luck!


JLynnette (Aunt Jo) said...

Yay! I know you'll do fine. I can't wait to see your first little hexagon.

Danetta said...

I made and put 4 together tonight! I need to get a camera so I can show my progress.

I was wrong about the size of the squares I cut though and I am having to cut away too much material so I may go back and get some bigger ones for these squares and use something else for the smaller ones.

This one may only be a coaster but it is going to be something finished!