Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Toaster Oven

I think I want to buy a toaster oven. There are things I want to cook at home but there is NO way I will turn on my oven betwenn May and November. My house holds heat like nothing you've ever seen.

Does anyone have one? If you do, what kinds of things do you make in it?

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Annie said...

Hi, Danetta.

How big of a toaster oven do you need? I've had a small Black & Decker oven for years, two bread slices big, that I love. It's big enough for a few hot dogs, a mini pizza, and it made great toast until the elements started to burn out from excessive use.

I also had a large oven that I didn't like as well. It was worthless for toast, but did well for larger dishes. It wasn't a name brand, but I think it came from WalMart. If I was going to buy another large one, I'd probably get one with a rotisserie and convection.

Walmart.com has ratings and comments on their products, so does Amazon. I usually look at Amazon's product comments before making a final decision.

Hope that helps!