Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anyone see a problem with this?

I am using 3' squares to make the 1 1/4" hexagon. These papers are reusable. When I have been looking online and reading about them, people show basting through the paper and being careful not to tear the papers.
My basting doesn't go through the papers at all. In fact I have been very careful not to go through the papers. Now I am wondering if I am doing it all wrong.
I do see that my stitches are visable (thanks a lot Aunt Jo) now I am paranoid about that. I was using light grey thread on these in the beginning because they told me at the quilt shop when in doubt to use grey. I really don't want to get all goofy about this but I don't want to learn it "wrong".
Anyone have any suggestions on this?


JLynnette (Aunt Jo) said...

Oh dear!

I couldn't see your stitches. I promise. I knew they had to be perfect or I'd see them.

I don't think you're doing it wrong at all. If you can do it and not catch the paper then go for it.

In the ones that I have, who ever did them didn't catch the paper either.

Danetta said...

I'm glad to hear yours didn't go through the paper. I think as long as they stay in place that's the main thing.
I know there are some plastic templates out there too and I am sure you wouldn't be able to sew through those and take them back out easily so that's what made me think not to go through the paper. Well, that and I really don't see the need to tear them at all if they are reusable and I want to use them for a very long time.

When I blow the picture up, I see the stitches. I think I am ok with that. This is my first time and I will get better at it.

sunshine said...

your stitches are fine and you don''t have to go through the papers on such a size a template as you are using. I never go through my papers and I have been teaching this technique for over 11 years. It is actually harder to work with when you go through the papers. people use to go through the papers all the time when they used the sears and robuck pages as their templates added extra warmth and a rustle to the quilt. If you have a n old quilt that rustles when you move it the papers are left in. But these days with card stock and plastic templates you pull the papers out youhave done nothing wrong the other people just haven't modernized their techniques and don't know why they do them the other way in other words they are doing what someone told them to do with out thinking about it. If your hexes are larger and 2 or 3 inches then one stitch through the middle of each side fixes that go back to my tutorial y\there is a link in it somewhere that describes how to do that but it doesn't look like you need to to me.