Monday, January 28, 2008

Progress is being made

I can't believe what all I can get done when I put forth an effort :)

I crocheted 8 coasters and I'm still not sure that I have found what I will give for my coaster exchange so I am still trying to figure that out. All of the photos I have seen on the group's flickr account are of quilted coasters and I am not comfortable enough with my beginner quilting to do that so, I don't know that I have the right concept. I took the 6th and 7th ones apart to make the ones below. I gave the 8th one to someone in the office who LOVED it and her coffee cup fits perfectly on it. It is the same pattern as the one on the left but out of the thread of the ones below. If any of you know about this kind of thing, I would like your input. For me, the kind of crochet on the left with the finer cotton thread is my kind of crocheted coaster. Dainty. But this came out too small. I have looked at hundreds of patterns and most of what I see is like the ones below so I made them with Sugar n Cream thread.

I have decided that it won't be any of these and I will keep looking for "just the right thing" to make.
I hemmed an old sweatshirt I cut apart to wear while I am sitting around the house doing this kind of thing. Why I hemmed it I have no idea other than when the kids saw it last year they thought I was nuts so I thought it would look better if I hemmed it. I mean really, the cat and I are the only ones who see me in it and I know she doesn't care if it looks nicer. I even cut slits in the cuffs so I could poke my thumbs through and keep my hands warm while I do needlework. It is very functional.

I put together block 8 of the quilt a long. No reason for starting with 8 other than it was the one closest to the machine when I started sewing. What? It's put together wrong you say? Of course it is.
EVERY time I make this block, I do it wrong first (this one is from my sampler class last fall)

and sometimes second (also from the class. Yes, I know it is only laid out her but I did sew it together just as it looks) since I had the machine out, I fixed this one.
As they say the third times a charm and I got it.

That was so much fun, I sewed together block one too.


Nancy said...

Boy you have been busy. How about some pictures? I know I should talk, huh? I think a coaster is a coaster. People might like to get one that maybe they couldn't make themselves. Just a thought.

Danetta said...

There you go Miss Nancy who hides her talents from the world but looks in on everyone else's.

(She taught me to make those dainty crocheted things and she has made some of the most beautiful knitted and crocheted things I have ever seen)

Nancy said...

Talk about beautiful just look at all that stuff you have made! I love those coasters. I think they are perfect. Good work!

Jelly Wares said...

Thanks for popping by and commenting on my blog.... As for the coasters, I love the first one. Maybe you could use a thicker ply wool/cotton to croquet it up to make it bigger.
The quilt-a-long blocks look great!! I always seem to sew at least 1 block together wrong when I'm making a quilt too.


Katherine said...

Love the crocheted coasters! I agree with Jodie's suggestion of using a thicker ply in order to make the first coasters larger - the pattern is just so pretty!

Great quilt a-long blocks!

amy said...

your work is so lovely i can see why you are having trouble figuring out which ones to part with! thanks for stopping by my blog!

Anonymous said...

I just finished a Jacob's Ladder for my son, and I only had to take it apart 3 thimes, tee hee, I'm getting better! love the colors in yours