Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

I am looking forward to a wonderful year and hope for one for you too.

I need some quilting help please. When I took the quilt class, the instructor was adament that we use only 100% cotton materials and 100% cotton thread. I am really having issues with using the cotton thread. I think this is a big reason that I keep setting my projects aside. The thread seems to be almost unraveling as I sew. I am trying to only use enough to sew one side at a time but it is still shredding. I don't see how this will make a very sturdy finished project.

What am I doing wrong?


JLynnette (Aunt Jo) said...

I have the same problem with cotton thread. I just use the stuff you buy at WM, Hancock, or Hob Lob. It's a poly cotton blend and doesn't ravel. I haven't had any problems yet. Good luck!

Maria Atienza said...

Hi, Happy New Year!

I don't know much about quilting but I used to cross stitch as a hobby when I was little. I'll be eagerly following your blog.

Thanks for visiting mine too :)