Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spare Change Update

I finished up the first half of the flowers for the Spare Change Quilt. I am pleased to see that it isn't going to be as big as I first thought. It will be a nice throw size when finished. I wasn't to get all of these sewn together before I make the rest. I may have to bring them to work on at lunch during the day.
I am starting a Hand Piecing class today. I have a feeling that the homework from that will take up my evening hours. I am kind of excited about it taking this class though because I asked my step-mom to take it with me and she is going to. I'll post pics of that process along the way.
I have signed up for another class in March but after the stress I felt getting ready for this class yesterday I may wait until another time to take it. It looks like it will be a cute little thing and it involves English Paper Piecing so we will see.

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